7 avril 2009

Panstadia publication

Making the difference 

TenCate Grass explains why selecting the right materials makes all the difference. 

TenCate Grass presented its views on latest developments in the synthetic turf industry at the Grass Yarns & Tufters Forum held in Barcelona recently. Frans Harmeling, Product & Development Director of the TenCate Grass Group, expressed the company’s insight into the expectations of the industry held by the marketplace and discussed the solutions that TenCate provides. 

Frans stated: “We see a growing demand in the marketplace for long term performance and a guarantee of this. There are also a growing number of small fields with their related wear and tear problems. In addition, there will be increasing numbers of natural grass pitches being replaced if we’re able to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance effectively.”

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artificial turf heracles - TenCate Grass