11 septembre 2009

New synthetic turf in Gu Gong

The National Flag Guard of China has – for the third time in succession – synthetic turf in the Forbidden City (Gu Gong) in Beijing, based on turf blades of TenCate. TenCate Grass Asia and its Chinese partner TorchGrass have delivered the TenCate Tapeslide™ XT turf. The National Flag Guard – which accompany the Chinese flag at official occasions – uses this synthetic turf carpet for their daily exercises and sports. TenCate Tapeslide™ XT turf offers a sustainable and safe sporting experience: it is an innovative synthetic turf blade, especially designed for playing fields that are used intensively for years to come. The fields are mobile. On behalf of TenCate Grass Vincent Homrighausen (regional sales & marketing manager Asia) and Chen Peng (sales & marketing manager China) participated in the official press conference on July 10 in the Forbidden City in Beijing, where the fields were presented.

The officers and soldiers of the National Flag Guard received the fields with great pleasure. They consider it as a contribution to the national health program in China and the development of Chinese sport. The event attracted immediately the attention of the Chinese media. Several major Chinese media reported the event, including People's Daily Online, the Beijing TV Station, the Central People's Broadcasting Station and China Radio International. In many other media, including websites, large coverage was acquired.

The Forbidden City in the heart of the Chinese capital is the basis of the National Flag Guard, a part of the Chinese army.


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