TenCate TopTex™ winter protection fabric perfectly protects your plants against cold winds, extreme fluctuations of temperature and harmful excessive UV radiation by the sunlight. Vital exchange of gases is guaranteed. Due to the controlled microclimate, plants remain healthy and secure.


  • TenCate TopTex creates a barrier against wind chill and UV light, leveling extremes of temperatures.
  • TenCate TopTex allows breathing and creates a “plant-friendly” environment.
  • TenCate TopTex provides necessary light absorption of 30 - 40%.
  • TenCate TopTex remains water permeable (when laid on the ground; in the “tunnel method”, precipitation is carried within the fabric).
  • TenCate TopTex™ is tear and wind resistant (no “sailing”).
  • TenCate TopTex is UV-stabilized and can therefore be used for several years.
Material photo - TenCate TopTex™