The heterogeneous nature of soil creates significant variability in geotechnical design. The TenCate GeoDetect® system offers owners and design engineers insight into the performance and sustainability of soil structures. This additional reliability and integrity can assure the appropriate performance of a sustainable geo-structure – leading to better land use, longer lasting structures, lower overall project costs, increased factors of performance, and broadened geosynthetic applications. Typical applications are:



Existing right-of-ways/easements and environmental concerns often force new rail and highway construction over geotechnically challenging areas, including karst topography, abandoned mines, soft ground, and existing landslides. Displacement of these geotechnical structures caused by subsidence and ground movement can easily be detected by the TenCate GeoDetect® system before ultimate design failure occurs.

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The increasing use of steeper and higher slopes in more adverse topography by property developers that want to maximize surface area for new building construction is creating an embedded liability for owners and engineers. Typical failures of these structures are preceded by higher soil moisture content and shear forces creating increased strain in the soil reinforcement. The TenCate GeoDetect® solution can serve as an early detection system for both of these issues.



Cavities, consolidation and poor soil conditions have traditionally prevented or endangered the construction of many embankments. The TenCate GeoDetect® system can be used to validate design and detect movement of unstable ground.

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Geosynthetic reinforced wall systems are being used more frequently because they are more economical and easier to construct than other retaining wall systems. Performance of these systems can be verified with the TenCate GeoDetect® system to validate performance for critical and larger walls.

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Levees, Dams, Dikes and Canals


Owners of waterways are managing and maintaining a large number of aging structures to minimize the risk of failure. One of the key ways to maintain a safe working structure is by monitoring its performance.

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The TenCate GeoDetect® system has the potential to address several challenges specific to landfill applications: movement detection of top soil layer; landfill expansion for higher containment capacity with steeper slope reinforcement; assessment of the mechanical properties of waste materials, and monitoring temperature variations in a leak detection use.