Development progress

Project objective

The DIGIFIN project is about the implementation of a new digital finishing concept at the first time on an industrial scale, replacing a part of the traditional dying/printing operations in the Outdoor Textile Industry as is, and leading to a significant reduction of environmental impact and at the same time an improved economic performance due to new product and mass customization potential, increased production flexibility, shorter runtimes and significantly less consumption chemicals, water and energy.  The following two “digitalized” products are being used as carriers for this innovation:

  1. To start up the process integration of digital finishing the project will focus on: printing on outdoor textile sun awnings
  2. To further illustrate the application range demonstrate a second digital product will be introduced: printing on tent cloth

Within the project Ten Cate and Reggiani will show the technical reliability of the technology/concept (as negative perception is a major hurdle for a broad market entry), as well as the innovative potential (making way for eco-innovation) and the strong environmental benefits, together making this a very cost effective solution.

FOTF Background