Cash-in-transit protection

Protecting people and cargo

TenCate Advanced Armour provides lighweight armour solutions for cash-in-transit vehicles with a range of special capabilities with relevance to CiT vehicle manufacturers and end-users. Panels and components provided can withstand ballistic impacts along with blast threats. 

The very low weight of TenCate Advanced Armour solutions ensure customers that both cabin and cargo area can be protected without impacting maneuverability or weight. Furthermore, the lightweight armour components decreases the overall weight of the vehicle which lower the fuel consumption and optimizes the payload of the vehicles.


Discrete protection

TenCate Advanced Armour protection solutions for CiT vehicles are designed and produced to provide minimum impact on vehicle weight and appearance in order to retain the ability for end-users to be discrete in action. Solutions can be integrated into vehicle structures and provide only few or none changes to appearance. 

For exterior solutions with technical capabilities, TenCate Advanced Armour can design and produce to specific measurements and shapes. Solutions can be applied as full system integration into vehicle or as retro-fit. TenCate Advanced Armour holds a vast experience in retro-fit projects ranging over all areas of the armour industry including CiT companies.


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