Armour for military vehicles

Lightweight protection

Advanced armour solutions for weapons stations and optronics are available to provide protection against both lead-core and armour-piercing ammunition, in accordance with both international standards such as NATO STANAG 4569 level I to IV and specific customer requirements. 

TenCate Advanced Armour protection systems are lightweight solutions that only add a bare minimum of weight to the vehicle, thus ensuring only a minimal effect on manoeuvrability. Customised solutions that fit to existing ring mounts can be developed in close co-operation with the manufacturers of ring mounts, making it possible to provide users with a protection system tailored to individual needs, specified weight requirements and particular types of vehicles. The low weight of TenCate Advanced Armour protection system ensures less load and dynamic impact on the vehicle, resulting in lower life cycle costs and greater load capacity.


Outstanding protection for mission critical components

TenCate weapons stations and optronics protection armour systems feature a high multi-hit capability that provide systems with outstanding degree of protection if the vehicle is hit by multiple projectiles and fragments. This ensures end-users with a high level of survivability for mission critical components. Weapons stations and optronics armour systems are already available for light vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and main battle tanks. TenCate Advanced Armour systems are field-proven and currently in use by military forces.



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