29 mai 2013

TenCate Advanced Armour supplies armour for anti-piracy operations

TenCate Advanced Armour has secured an order for ballistic protection for the Danish Absalon class support ship Esbern Snare. The new order will provide the Royal Danish Navy with a lightweight solution for the protection of operators of small calibre gun mounts crucial in naval anti-piracy operations along the Horn of Africa.

The advanced solution of TenCate Advanced Armour will function as mission specific equipment with modular capabilities and is designed to be lightweight and deployable by two personnel within 15 minutes, with a flexible design able to be configured to meet the high number of threats encountered in mission areas.  

TenCate Advanced Armour protection solutions are tailored to meet user requirements for either permanent integration into the structure of a new vessel or for additional protection of existing ships. This advanced naval vessel armour system can be customised to tackle individual project specifications, so that it fits specific requirements. The protection level provided can be from NATO STANAG 4569 level I to IV, or to comply with specific customer requirements.  

TenCate Advanced Armour is a global provider of customised, lightweight armour solutions for a wide range of naval and coast guard vessels; ranging from RIBs, fast patrol boats to main warships. TenCate Advanced Armour offers naval armour solutions based on lightweight ceramic and composite materials, with both soft and hard armour. TenCate Advanced Armour is a market leading specialist in the complete process of designing, certifying, manufacturing and quality testing of armour solutions in accordance with strict regulations and industry standards.

Images courtesy of FMT

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