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TenCate Multi-light™

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TenCate Multi-light™ is a range of durable ballistic inserts for personal protection. TenCate Multi-light™ complies with international standards that include NIJ level III and level IV, and can be customised to meet specific protective requirements. Tencate Multi-light™ is an outstanding protective solution for personnel protection when safety, flexibility and mobility are at the top of the agenda.

Personal protection

TenCate Multi-light™ is a collection of durable ballistic inserts that can be tailored to fit customers’ particular requirements regarding protection, shape, weight, colour and cost. TenCate Multi-light™ features a full range of inserts designed for personal protection against both lead core and armour-piercing ammunition, in accordance with international standards. 

TenCate Multi-light™ includes both ceramic and fibre inserts, featuring lightweight composite upgrades that cover a broad spectrum of operating requirements. They are designed and developed to increase the degree of protection available from bulletproof vests and fragmentation vests.

Ergonomic, customised fit

TenCate Multi-light™ inserts are light in weight, and designed to provide a degree of flexibility that matches the particular level of threat as well as focusing on user comfort. The inserts are available in a wide range of shapes, from flat to complex ergonomic designs. These inserts can also be customised with different finishes, such as textiles or plastic covers. 

TenCate Multi-light™ can also be coated with TenCate Rosist, enabling protection vests to be tailored to the specific needs of each customer and user as regards both shape and colour. As a result, these vests fit the user perfectly, providing maximum comfort when used. Combining flexibility and low weight, TenCate Multi-light™ provides great endurance and mobility during operations. These products cover the full range of ballistic protection, making sure customers can get their exact needs met, including special requirements in terms of finish and shape.

TenCate Multi-light™ variants

TenCate Multi-Light™ is available in three distinct types, to meet specific needs:
  • TenCate Multi-light™ CX are high-performance plates made with the highest-performance materials (boron carbide, silicon carbide). CX is the range that combines highest ballistic protection with maximum comfort.
  • TenCate Multi-light™ CS is the cost-effective range that combines 100% ballistic protection with a special focus on cost.
  • TenCate Multi-light™ PF is made with high-molecular polyethylene fibres or hybrids of different fibre materials.

Unique, flexible technology

• Personnel protection on the basis of fibre or ceramic pellets

• Flexibility is built into the basic structural design

• Ergonomically sound designs, for maximum comfort


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