TenCate Liba

Protecting vehicles, ships and aircraft

TenCate Liba® provides users of vehicles, ships and aircraft with outstanding protection against armour-piercing ammunition as well as a superior multi-hit protection capability against a large number of projectiles. The material is also very resistant to both shock and impacts. 

TenCate Liba® can withstand both the severe vibration incurred by military vehicles in transit and the violent impacts of explosions and firearms. TenCate Liba® provides a high level of protection for personnel inside the platform, a low rate of wear and tear of the platform, low fuel cost and a low total operating costs.



  • TenCate Liba® CX is made with pellets of silicon carbide or boron carbide. It is the lightest solution possible, and should be chosen when weight is the prime consideration.
  • TenCate Liba® AL is made with alumina oxide pellets that are slightly heavier than TenCate Liba® CX and is a particularly cost-effective protection solution.

Customised 3D solutions

TenCate Liba® is a collection of ballistic armour products tailored to comply with specific requirements regarding the level of protection, shape, weight, colour and cost. They can also be adapted to meet other specific requirements. The material is extremely shock-absorbent, providing effective protection against both shockwaves and shrapnel in the event of an explosion.

TenCate Liba® armour can be coated with TenCate Rosist™, a multi-resistant protectant that is available in a range of different finishes. The panels can also be painted in colours that match each customer’s requirements and design concepts. Protective panels made with TenCate Liba® can be designed to use different mounting systems. The panels can be attached using studs on the platform, using bolts or with a clamp or rail system that avoids holes, thus keeping ballistic gaps to the minimum



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