TenCate Liba

TenCate LIBA® technology

TenCate Liba® is advanced armour technology, based on ceramic pellets imbedded in an elastic polymer matrix. When a projectile impacts the armour, the ceramic pellets isolate the energy from the impact. As a result, only the impacted pellets will be damaged while the surrounding area remains intact. At the same time, the unique, specially designed ceramic pellets prevent the projectile from penetrating the armour.  

TenCate Advanced Armour has well-proven experience in combining ceramics and metals with a range of different fibre materials in order to provide durable ballistic protection solutions. The fibre materials normally used include aramids, polyethylene with a high molecular weight, fibreglass and carbon fibre, or combinations of these materials. Using special TenCate Advanced Armour bonding technology and coatings, TenCate Liba® armour becomes resistant to the effects of UV light, salt fog environments, hydraulic fluids, ordinary/chemicals, decontaminating agents. It does not swell or hydrolyse in either fresh water or salt water.

Highest international standards

TenCate Liba® armour meets international standards and requirements that include VPAM BRV 2009, NATO STANAG 4569 and AEP55. They are designed to provide level I to level V protection – and even higher – in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569.



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TenCate Advanced Armour Material