TenCate Liba

TenCate Liba®

TenCate Liba® is lightweight ballistic armour for all kinds of transport and personnel protection. TenCate Liba® meets the highest international standards in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 and is designed in close collaboration with customers. 

TenCate Liba® has the unique advantage of being easy to repair in the field. TenCate Liba® is the high-end brand in protective solutions from TenCate Advanced Armour. TenCate Liba® is the paramount protection solution when maximum safety is at the top of the agenda.

Easy to repair

If a projectile or shrapnel damages the armour, TenCate Liba® can quickly and easily be repaired by removing and replacing the damaged ceramic pellets. Repairs can be done using basic tools such as a knife, screwdriver or hammer, together with glue to secure the replacement ceramic pellets. 

The TenCate Liba® repair kit is at hand to quickly restore the full effectiveness of the armour protection. Rapid, effective repairs restore protection to best possible levels, providing maximum safety within minutes.


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