TenCate Ceratego

International standards

TenCate Ceratego™ meets international standards and requirements that include European Standard EN1522, FB6 and FB7. 

TenCate Ceratego™ is specially designed to provide level I to level IV protection in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569, including specific customer demands within the same protection range.

TenCate Ceratego™ technology

TenCate Ceratego™ provides protective solutions made with a hard strike face consisting of a range of different types of ceramics or metals, with a fibre material backing. TenCate Advanced Armour has extensive experience in combining ceramics and metals with carefully selected fibre materials in order to provide durable ballistic protection solutions.  

The fibre materials used in these products are normally aramids, high-performance polyethylene, fibreglass and carbon fibre, or combinations of these materials. 

TenCate Advanced Armour applies special technology to achieve highly effective bonding between the individual layers in the fibre backing and the ceramic strike face.


Unique, flexible technology

• Hard strike face

• High resistance to shock and vibrations

• Flexibility in structural design

• Resistant to many chemicals, salt water and other hazardous elements

• Customised for use in hostile environments

• Lightweight protection


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TenCate Advanced Armour Material