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TenCate Armourtex™ products

The TenCate Armourtex™ product family consists of the following: TenCate Armourtex™ fabrics are manufactured using materials such as aramid or polyethylene. They are available in all densities, styles and available yarn types, both as lightweight materials and with heavy backing. These fabrics can be used in body armour for law enforcement organisations, military forces or security services. Other applications include fragmentation blankets and the protection of sensitive equipment. 

These fabrics are based on wellproven state-of-the-art weaving technologies designed to increase performance. TenCate Armourtex™ prepregs and semipregs are coated, impregnated fabrics with a range of different resin systems and formulations developed in-house. These can be used for military helmets, shields and backings as well as in hybrid armour solutions for vehicles, ships and aircraft. 

These materials ensure users all the benefits of light weight, all-in-one protection. One special grade is the rubberised aramid fabric, suitable for protection against handguns, for spall liners in armoured vehicles and as backing in add-on armour products. The fabrics are coated with a rubber mixture that provides outstanding ballistic performance. It is also weatherproof and resistant to UV light, salt water and many chemicals.

TenCate Armourtex™ variants

  • TenCate Armourtex™ PF is made with high performance polyethylene. The materials are used for protective panels that are designed to stop small arms fire, as the backing material behind the strike face of armour and for spall liners against blasts and cone reduction in RPG attacks.
  • TenCate Armourtex™ RA is made with ballistic neoprene aramid. The materials are used as backing material behind the strike face of armour and for spall liners reducing the damage of over matched threats.
  • TenCate Armourtex™ VE is made with ballistic film coated aramid. The materials are used for making protective panels against small arms fire and fragments from blasts.
  • TenCate Armourtex™ BM is a fibre material that provides excellent properties as the backing material behind the strike face of armour. It provides lightweight composite armour solutions designed to defeat Explosive Formed Projectile/Improvised Explosive Devices (EFPs/IEDs) and armour-piercing projectiles.
  • TenCate Armourtex™ BL is a range of solutions designed to reinforce vehicle structures. These solutions can be fitted on existing vehicles, or alternatively they can be integrated into the production of new vehicles from the conception stage.

Flexible technology

• Well-proven technology 

• High performance yarns in ballistic fabrics and prepregs 

• Protection for body armour and for use in vehicles, ships and aircraft 

• Coatings and impregnations 

• Flexible and light in weight 

• Great comfort and long endurance 

• Available for specific customer requirements


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