Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines for Marine Structures

The guidelines are based on research commissioned by the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat and Delft Cluster. The realization of the Dutch written Design rules was coordinated by the Civil centre for conduct of research and realization (CUR). The English version is a translation of the CUR guideline with added developments and application and calculation examples.

In the guideline four types of geotextile sand elements are distinguished, each with specific properties: Geobag®, Geotube®, Geocontainer®, Geomattress® elements The focus is on the use of geosystems filled with sand for engineering in river and coastal constructions. The chapters “Introduction” and “General design aspects” are followed by four chapters of the same structure dealing with each of the sand filled element structures.  Each of the four chapters starts with a general description of the system principles and its application and ends with a calculation example. Design aspects are described in the remaining paragraphs.

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Design Guidelines for Environmental Dewatering

TenCate provides Design and Technical Service assistance to owners, engineers and contractors to ensure that each and every Geotube® project is successful for the customer. 

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