Smartfeed® Chemical Conditioning Systems

Each SmartFeed® application uses laboratory test methods to custom-tailor a chemical conditioning program to the slurry or sludge at a project site. Your project's real world processing conditions are measured by SmartFeed®. The SmartFeed® system tests flow, density, percent solids, pH and conductivity every 15 seconds, ensuring your slurry receives the proper dosing. Water discharge is tested in real time for pH, TSS , Ntus & PAHs to ensure project permits are met and supported by electronic records.

Smartfeed® provides printable mass-balance reports for each TenCate Geotube® in your project. These reports show total flow and dry mass for comparisons against laboratory test projections of tube area used, chemical program usage rate and water quality during full-scale operations.

The SmartFeed® system was built to serve projects where performance cannot be sacrificed. SmartFeed is a best management practices (BMP) tool to reduce stakeholder concerns on project performance, and contributes to the overall improvement of project quality.

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TenCate Geotube® - Material photo