ASDR Water Treatment Division

The company, which uses and masters equipment of its own design, counts on its exceptional expertise and its solid background of knowledge in the mining industry, in the industrial field, and in the municipal sector. While strictly controlling prices in water management, the company performs the most efficient work and aims to achieve the best results. From an ethical point of view in regards to preserving the environment, the Water Treatment Division’s contribution proves valuable in a demanding context.

The stakes are high in the realization of your projects:

  • Respecting the norms for discharging water into the environment (suspended matter, heavy metals, pH, etc.), in connection with the construction as well as in the operation;
  • Complexity in the management and recycling of drilling water, and underground drainage water; 
  • Water treatment control during water flow peak season (melting of snow, strong rain); 
  • Prevention for the overflowing of basins; 
  • Treatment of specific contaminants such as Arsenic, Cyanide, and Ammoniac; 
  • Arrival of emerging contaminants and new standards; 
  • Water treatment cost optimization;
  • Dredging and residue park management.

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