Static Electricity

TenCate solutions

TenCate Protective Fabrics offers anti-static fabrics based on core-conductive fibres, like Static-Control™ and P140.
TenCate's Static-Control™ fibre is a trilobal core conductive filament fibre and is 'gridlocked' into the fabric. Static electricity is dissipated even when the person wearing the garment is electrically isolated. It discharges through corona at low energy levels that will not cause explosions. This type of fibre is a filament fibre which means that it is included in the manufacturing stage of the fibre and therefore it cannot be removed by washing and offers permanent Anti-Static 

TenCate offers different fabrics with Static-Control™ in the composition. These fabrics can be found with a 9000 number in the product code (for example XL 9300, BV 9120 or KG 9308).

P140 is a staple fibre blended into Nomex® Comfort fabrics. Nomex® Comfort fabrics are part of the TenCate Tecashield® collection (BV 170, BV 180, BV 185 and BV 190).

Many fabrics of TenCate contain anti-static properties. In many working environments, anti-static is one of the requirements for protective clothing. The selection of the optimum solution depends on the rest of the risk assessment. Anti-static solution can be found within the following collections. 

Industrial worker wearing protective fabrics
This collection offers anti-static properties due to P140 or Static-Control™ fibres
    Utility worker wearing high visibility fabrics
This collection offers anti-static properties due Static-Control™ fibres
Welder wearing TenCate Tecapro fabrics
This collection offers anti-static properties due Static-Control™ fibres

Construction worker wearing protective fabrics
The TenCate Tecawork™ - KG 9308 is a work wear fabric with anti-static properties due to Static-Control™ fibres.

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