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Making a difference in the line of duty

TenCate Protective Fabrics is helping to safeguard military personnel and law enforcement professionals from the harmful effects of heat, flame and other related risks. Our high-tech fabrics offer several significant advantages. In terms of comfort, with increased air permeability for improved breathability and moisture management. In terms of durability, with increased abrasion resistance for better performance under rugged conditions.


  • Visit TenCate at Future Forces 2016 (Prague)

    Future Forces - stand 2016

    At Future Forces 2016 in Prague, TenCate Protective Fabrics will proudly present the latest, best-in-test TenCate Defender™ M FR fabrics, offering outstanding protection and comfort, as well as extended wear life. This international NATO event in defence & security field is being held from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 October.

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  • Visit TenCate at GPEC 2016 in Leipzig (Germany)


    TenCate Protective Fabrics will be present as exhibitor on the GPEC 2016 in Leipzig (Germany). This is an international exhibition for police and special equipment and is being held from Tuesday 7 until Thursday 9 June. We will show the latest, innovative products for operational uniforms.  

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  • TenCate introduces the next-generation TenCate Defender™ M at the Milipol 2015

    Military brochure

    For many years, TenCate has been known for its patented top-level fabric, TenCate Defender™ M. This proven fabric has been supplied to millions of soldiers and police officers worldwide, protecting them in conflict zones – on land, in the air and at sea. This is a comprehensive range of fabrics that exceeds all others in terms of quality, comfort and FR performance.

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  • TenCate exhibits at the Future Forces 2014 in Prague with new TenCate Defender™ M solutions

    TenCate at Future Forces

    For many years, TenCate has been known for its patented top-level fabrics, TenCate Defender™ M. This range of proven fabrics is  being supplied to millions of soldiers and police officers worldwide, protecting them in conflict zones. With the introduction of new laminated and knitted fabrics, TenCate is able to supply a protective and comfortable solution for every layer in a complete clothing system. The fabrics are engineered based on the unique features of TenCate Defender™ M.

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  • TenCate supplies protective fabric for Dutch military mission in Mali

    TenCate Defender M Multicam

    TenCate Protective Fabrics supplies the protective fabric TenCate Defender™ M for the uniforms of the special units of the Dutch army on its mission in Mali. The new Multicam® combat clothing is fit for military operations under extreme conditions. The new uniforms meet the high demands of combat clothing for special units, such as flame retardancy, insect repellence and optimal wearing comfort.

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  • New lightweight fabric in TenCate Defender™ M collection

    Norway Naval Forces

    TenCate Protective Fabrics has further expanded its product portfolio with a new lightweight fabric – TenCate Defender™ M - DP 9180 (180 g/m2). This inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabric is used in garments for professionals operating in the colours dark blue and black, such as naval personnel and military-police or special-squad officers. TenCate already has a lightweight fabric in its collection for this field – the 210 g/m2 DP 9210. This fabric has been purchased for a number of years by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) for Norwegian Naval protective clothing. But now we have an even lighter version.

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TenCate Defender M next generation