Defender_M                                                                         Heat and flame resistant

Unbeatable protection

US armyTenCate Defender™ M sets the standard for flame-resistant military fabric, having been specified by both the United States Army and Marine Corps as the uniform material for its ground troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to its patented technology, TenCate Defender™ M not only provides exeptional protection from flame and heat, but also offers the level of comfort and durability required in combat uniforms. 

When soldiers or special police forces are exposed to blasts and burning fuel, life and death can be measured in seconds. Thanks to a proprietary blend of fibers including Lenzing® FR, the unique heat- and flame-resistant qualities of TenCate Defeder™ M provide the wearer of with that extra margin of protection. 

  • TenCate Defender™ M provides comprehensive protection during exposure to flames and high heat. In the event of fire or explosion.
  • TenCate Defender™ M quickly extinguishes.
  • TenCate Defender™ M does not melt or drip like some non-flame-resistant blends, which can stick to skin and intensify injury.

The heat- and flame-resistant properties of TenCate Defender M are inherent to the fabric. They will not wash or wear out no matter how many times it is laundered or how long it is worn.

TenCate Defender™ M versus non flame-resistant fabrics

This is a comparison between a garment made with a TenCate Defender™ M fabric versus a non flame-resistant garment.
Instrumented Mannequin test (ISO 13506: 2008) – Flashover exposure (Flashover exposure [83.4 kW/m²; 4 seconds exposure; 60 seconds evaluation time].

Unbeatable protection against flash-over

The TenCate Defender™ M – 210 g/m² fabric is tested at 4 seconds in a sea of flames at a temperature of 800˚C and shows by far, the best results of all available inherently FR fabrics in its weight class. Optimum protection against third-degree burns after a flashover is essential. Such wounds do not heal of their own accord, making a skin transplant unavoidable. Please look at one of our comparisons below. Compared to aramid fabrics (inherently heat- and flame-resistant), TenCate Defender™ M provides best protection against third-degree burns. 

Exposure to flames also results in shrinkage. Clothing shrinks and tightens on the skin, losing its insulating effect and increasing the risk of burns. In a flashover, TenCate Defender™ M shows virtually no shrinkage and therefore provides greater protection.

Instrumented mannequin test    Flashover exposure [83.4 kW/m²; 4 seconds exposure; 60 seconds evaluation time]

ISO 13506: 2008    

TenCate Defender™ M, 210 g/m² Aramid fabric, 215 g/m²
Burn degree (2nd + 3rd) 31% 41%
3rd degree 8% 28%
Heat transferred 348 kJ 408 kJ
Jacket length shrinkage 2% 16%
Trousers length shrinkage 0% 18%
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