Coolderm Technology

TenCate Coolderm™-Technology has been developed during almost 90 years of manufacturing technical textiles. By engineering fabrics with inherently FR fibers, inherently wicking properties and excellent breathability, Coolderm™-Technology allows fabrics to be softer and cooler without any finish or chemical treatments.
These characteristics are build-in and never wash nor wear out.

The right balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers in a fabric makes managing the body’s temperature more easy. When moisture comes into contact with the fabric, these two opposing forces make wetness migrate towards the exterior of the fabric. This active moisture wicking moves sweat away from the skin and disperses it across a wider area on the fabrics surface: evaporation is expedited and it helps to regulate the body temperature.

By keeping the moisture away from the skin, comfort is enhanced and the wearer is kept cooler and drier. Without the discomfort of getting wet, moisture management allows the firefighter to focus better on getting the job done.

Infographic coolderm