28 August 2013

Innovative TenCate fabrics help firefighters to stay cooler

At the Emergency Service Show 2013 in Birmingham (UK) on September 25 and 26, TenCate Protective Fabrics will be exhibiting new lines in fabrics and systems for firefighter turnout gear that are more durable, lighter and excel in the reduction of heat stress and help firefighters to stay cooler.

For firefighters, efficient body cooling is extremely important. Improper heat and moisture management can disrupt this process, leading to loss of concentration, fatigue, breathing difficulties and ultimately heat stroke. TenCate Protective Fabrics has addressed these key functionalities. During the upcoming Emergency Service Show in Birmingham, TenCate will demonstrate several new and existing protective solutions, such as the TenCate Gemini XTL™ outer shell based on PBI® fibres, and TenCate Millenia™ turnout gear based on PBO fibres.

Best performing outer shell
TenCate Gemini XTL™ protective fabric is made from PBI® fibres and is the best performing PBI®-based outer shell on the market. Compared with other currently available fabrics made from PBI® fibres, it has the strongest tear and tensile strength and better resistance to abrasion − earning its top score for garment durability.

Patented strongest and lightest turnout gear systems
TenCate Millenia™, which is based on PBO fibres, is also offered in a layered system and is the world’s strongest and lightest system for firefighter turnout gear. Because of its weight and the highly breathable thermal moisture barrier that facilitates efficient sweat evaporation, it helps to prevent heat stress.

Not only are the moisture management and breathability of the TenCate systems extremely good, these systems also offer excellent protection against water, chemical or blood splashes and blood-transmitted diseases. This TenCate thermal moisture barrier (ePTFE / PU-BI membrane) is based on a patented 3D technology that helps to realize improved insulation and reduced heat stress.

TenCate Protective Fabrics EMEA
Nijverdal, the Netherlands, Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The innovative protective fabrics of TenCate will be displayed at the TenCate booth (H39, hall 17) at the Emergency Service Show 2013 in the NEC in Birmingham (UK). 
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TenCate Gemini XTL™