5 April 2013

Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade enthusiastic about innovative fabrics in new fire-fighting gear

TenCate Protective Fabrics is supplying the latest inherently heat and flame retardant materials for the fire-fighting uniforms of Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade. The first uniforms have now been delivered by Lion Apparel and the response is positive and enthusiastic. The protective and innovative material TenCate Millenia™ comprises a lightweight outer fabric, a heat-resistant inner lining and reinforcing sections. 
The AT5 TV channel has broadcast a report on the new fire-fighting gear for the region covered by Amsterdam-Amstelland, interviewing the brigade's fire fighters. Talking about the lightweight TenCate Millenia Light™ outer material from the TenCate Tecashield® collection, the fire fighters said the following: “The fabric is thinner, which makes it more comfortable, it feels better when we're exposed to the heat of a fire. The fire doesn't bother us as much, so there's less heat stress, as we call it. We can do our work for longer, so we're more effective.”
Watch the short report by AT5 on the new uniforms of Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade.
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