TenCate Experience

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More info:The TenCate Experience offers a great opportunity to learn more about the performance of our flame-resistant materials. Participants can share experiences, learn about new textile developments, and register their individual garment performance wishes.

Combining theory and practice
These two-day events integrate a good balance of theory and practice, with an informative and varied programme. On the first day, hosted at our production site in Nijverdal in the Netherlands, you will learn more about the different materials and their characteristics and various test demonstrations will be given in the laboratory. The second day, you will test the garments in real-life situations, such as in a fire container, when you will experience in person how TenCate’s technology keeps heat out and makes the gear breathable and comfortable to wear.

“The programme was varied and informative. The practical part on the second day was particularly impressive. We were able to test the protective garments to the limit, under controlled circumstances. These experiences will be very useful for our work in actual practice.”
Roger Lederer, Infraserv Höchst, Germany

Try out our materials for yourself at a TenCate Experience event!
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Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)