• 3 March 2015

    Protective Fabrics

    New quick service TenCate Tecawork™ - BG 3000

    The TenCate Tecawork™ - BG 3000 has long been a favourite fabric of workwear manufacturers, due to its high quality, durability and industrial laundering capabilities. To make sure we can meet orders for this popular product smoothly and reliably, we are now introducing Quick Service ordering and delivery for 16 of the most frequently ordered colours in this range. By optimising stock levels of these products, we are able to meet orders from min. 500 m to max. 1,000 m (any number of colours) from stock, while orders for any out-of-stock items will be met within five weeks. In this way, we aim to offer our customers the best possible service.

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TenCate Protective Fabrics - Industrial Safety