26 May 2016

Twente fire brigade perpetuated as the Twente Fire Watch on TenCate canvas

A Night Watch with 30 fire fighters from Twente in protective TenCate fabric, styled by hair artist Müfide Halaceli from Hengelo and portrayed by photographer Willem van Walderveen from Almelo. TenCate in Nijverdal used a digital inkjet to print the Fire Watch on TenCate weather- and UV-proof outdoor canvas. The Twente brigade is perpetuated in a contemporary and unique group portrait. 

The portrait was officially presented and unveiled on Thursday morning 26 May at the Twente fire station in Enschede. The Fire Watch, a unique group portrait of 30 Twente fire fighters, is the second contemporary depiction of the famous large (3.63 by 4.37 m) oil painting by Rembrandt van Rijn, the Night Watch. The first one was the Women's Watch made at the start of 2015, also by Müfide Halaceli. Captain Frans Banninck Cocq this time is represented by fire chief Stephan Wevers of the Twente fire brigade and also chairman of the Netherlands Fire Service. The Fire Watch, digitally printed by TenCate, measures 1.60 by 2.55 m. The size was determined by the width of the outdoor canvas and the digital inkjet machine. 

After the Women's Watch, now the Fire Watch 
Creator Müfide Halaceli is the art director at Müfide Hair & Art in Hengelo. She worked on a remake of the Night Watch with women for four years before this. TenCate used a digital inkjet to print that particular group portrait also on outdoor canvas. Again, Müfide Halaceli is very happy with the result: “The Fire Watch is a logical sequel to the Women's Watch. This new portrait artistically depicts a special group of professionals in their daily protective gear. Its realization with all Twente firemen involved and TenCate was very special. Everyone was cooperating enthusiastically and with dedication. There was a very special atmosphere during the photography sessions. You can tell just by looking at the result. The firemen are all beaming, one by one. You can really see their Twente pride and vocational honour jumping out at you!” Fire chief Stephan Wevers of the Twente fire brigade in Enschede is also enthusiastic: “Each of us have gladly cooperated on this unique perpetuation of part of our Twente brigade. Soon, each of our 31 fire stations in Twente will have a print of this extraordinary result!” 


Digital inkjet print pin-point sharp on outdoor canvas 
Sales director Pieter Brinks at TenCate Protective Fabrics from Nijverdal responds: “The new Twente fire brigade intervention gear is depicted really well on this unique group portrait. The gear makes us look like one brigade. Our high-quality fabric protects many firemen around the world on a daily basis, including the Twente firemen. In other words, TenCate contributes to these professionals’ maximum efficiency. The exceptional fireman's suits are light-weight, are very comfortable and the fabric breathes. It provides maximum protection against water, heat, fire, blood and chemical sprays. It offers the best protection.”

The Rijksmuseum's courtyard
Director Rob Verver of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics in Nijverdal is proud of the result: “Our digital inkjet machine prints pin-point sharp pictures on outdoor canvas that can be outside in all weather conditions for years, in wind and bright sunlight, just like our high-quality canvas for tents and sunblinds. It would be absolutely wonderful if the Fire Watch were on display in the Twente Rijksmuseum's courtyard in Enschede soon. It would truly be a nice artistic addition to their collection.”   

The Twente Fire Watch in Amsterdam
Rembrandt van Rijn´s Night Watch holds 30 subjects who are not all visible on the painting. On the group portrait the Fire Watch by Müfide Halaceli and Willem van Walderveen, all faces are visible. This unique group portrait will soon be presented to the Twente Embassy to be proudly displayed on the wall of the entrance there in Amsterdam. Close to the Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum and what used to be Rembrandt van Rijn´s home in Amsterdam.

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