4 October 2016

New project in healthcare & care home market: Escape Sheet®

Since this year, Escape Mobility Company produces the Escape-Sheet® based on TenCate Tecawork™- MK 9014.

The Escape-Sheet® is an evacuation aid for people who aren’t able to leave their bed independently. A mattress with an Escape-Sheet® underneath can be transformed very quickly into an evacuation mattress. People can be carried away safely without having the risk of falling off, when there is an emergency. 

High-quality fabric
TenCate Tecawork™- MK 9014 is a good solution for the Escape-Sheet®. The fabric is extremely durable, due to the use of 100% high-quality polyester fibres and a special construction. MK 9014 is also an excellent solution for repelling dirt, oil, chemicals and water and has anti-static properties.
TenCate Protective Fabrics - Industrial Safety