19 December 2014

Visit TenCate Protective Fabrics at the Intersec exhibition in Dubai – 18–20 January 2015

Garments made with TenCate Tecasafe® Plus fabrics are cooler, dryer and extremely comfortable to wear. They offer significantly better moisture regulating properties and dry faster than synthetic aramids or FR-treated cotton fabrics. Extremely relevant in warm working environments, like the Middle East. Visit our TenCate booth during the Intersec exhibition in Dubai, and our TenCate team will be glad to explain and demonstrate the unique characteristics of these fabrics to you in person. 

Tests show that TenCate Tecasafe® Plus fabrics, which have been developed with a unique patented blend of fibres, offer the best protection for people who work for example in utilities, mining, oil refineries, gas industry and the petrochemical industry. The fabrics provide excellent protection against severe burns from flash fire and electric arc. The fabric’s FR properties are ‘built-in’ and will never wash or wear out.

TenCate Tecasafe® Plus fabric was found to absorb 18,6 g/m2 of water vapour (Fi value) in the same time as an aramid fabric absorbed less than a quarter of that amount.

TenCate Tecasafe® Plus versus aramid fabric
TenCate Protective Fabrics - Industrial Safety