18 December 2014

TenCate protective fabrics selected by Twente safety region

TenCate Protective Fabrics in Nijverdal (the Netherlands) has received an order for the supply of advanced protective fabrics for firefighters’ uniforms for fire brigades in the Twente safety region, the Netherlands. These uniforms will be made by a partner of TenCate, the LHD Group in Germany. The order is for 1,028 firefighters’ uniforms, each of which, as an integrated system, is composed of multiple protective fabrics. Delivery of the first firefighters’ uniforms will start in March 2015. Financial details will not be disclosed.

The Twente safety region in the first instance assessed five competitive tenders on technical aspects. Subsequently, extensive wearing trials were conducted, in which the uniform from the German LHD Group, based on TenCate Millenia™ fabric, was judged to be the best by the wearers. Thus the Twente safety region will now swell the ranks of the various international fire brigades that have opted for comfortable firefighting clothing based on advanced protective materials from TenCate, including the brigades of Amsterdam-Amstelland and Zaanstreek-Waterland in the Netherlands.

Practical experience
Karin Klein Hesselink, end-use market manager at TenCate Protective Fabrics, explains: ‘We are delighted that our high-tech materials have now also been tested by the Twente safety region and have proved to be the best and thus been selected for their new firefighters’ uniforms. The positive characteristics that the firefighters personally experienced during these field tests are a direct reflection of the results that emerged in our own laboratory and at independent testing institutes. Field tests are an essential part of the whole tendering process. The firefighters should be able to experience for themselves how comfortable and functional their professional equipment is and consequently they should have confidence in the firefighters’ uniform providing them optimal protection and support during their hazardous operations.’

Optimal protection and commitment
The advanced TenCate Millenia™ fabric is the strongest and lightest fabric available worldwide to give the desired level of protection. This is partly due to the use and the finishing of an extremely strong fibre, which – for comparative purposes – is ten times stronger than steel wire. Even after exposure to intense heat and flames, TenCate Millenia™ fabric remains strong and supple, unlike traditional fabrics for classic firefighters’ uniforms.

The thermal liner of the firefighters’ uniforms – based on TenCate CQ703 – provides excellent moisture regulation and remains smooth and flexible, so that the uniform is found to be extremely comfortable and gives perfect freedom of movement. TenCate also supplies the materials for the reinforced knee and elbow patches.

The use of these innovative TenCate materials ensures that the firefighters’ uniform for the fire brigades in the Twente safety region is now both light and breathable. As a result, firefighters will face a reduced risk of heat stress, be able to continue working for longer and require a shorter time for physical recovery.

TenCate Protective Fabrics
Nijverdal, the Netherlands, Thursday 18 December 2014
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