Tent fabrics

It is possible while using your caravan awning that mould may form on the tent fabric. Mould often occurs in a poorly ventilated and moist environment. Generally, the mould does not form on the tent fabric itself but on dirt attached to the fabric. This is usually on the uncoated inside surface of the caravan awning.

Advice for preventing mould formation where possible:

  • Good ventilation, even if your caravan awning is rarely or never used.
  • Preferably do not cook in your caravan awning, but if it is unavoidable, then ensure good ventilation so condensation is allowed to evaporate.
  • Moist ground encourages the formation of mould. Take this into account and ventilate well, especially with seasonal sites.
  • Only pack away the tent when it is completely dry.

How do you detect mould formation on your coated tent fabric?

The mould is recognisable as black and yellow stains that can be found here and there on the fabric.
The stains are generally first seen on the inside surface of the roof section.

Is it possible to remove mould stains from the coated tent fabric?

If you detect mould formation on your coated tent fabric, you can clean the caravan awning (inside) with lightly chlorinated water (ratio: 1 part chlorine and 9 parts water). After this treatment, rinse the tent thoroughly with cold water. Then allow it to dry thoroughly.

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