28 July 2016

Outdoor Fabrics tent canvas at Glastonbury Festival in England

In 2013 ‘BCT Outdoor’ in Bradford England, a customer of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, got the chance to produce rental tents for the largest outdoor music festival in the world; the Glastonbury Music Festival in the town of Pilton, Somerset in England.

The festival organization had a number of requirements for the rental tents; 1) the tents needed to be able to remain standing throughout the summer, 2) they had to be high enough for the user to stand in the tent, 3) the tents needed to have a canopy to make it possible to dry clothes and boots and 4) the tents should contain the least possible amount of guy ropes. The designers from BCT Outdoor, Chris Fawcett and Mark Priestley, came to the conclusion that TenCate Outdoor Fabrics canvas fits the purpose of these demands. With this tent canvas they were able to produce the ultimate festival tent that met all the requirements. A pilot tent was produced and tested on site and the client and also founder of the festival, Michael Eavis, got to inspect it. Michael Eavis carefully analyzed and approved the concept and therefore BCT Outdoor was chosen as a partner to produce the Glastonbury festival tents.

BCT Outdoor had been commissioned to make 1000 festival tents to be rented and reused by festival guests. The tents are set up in different colour groups, whereby people sleep in different 'colour' camps (see photo). During 22 – 26 June 2016 the canvas was properly put to the test by the extremely bad weather the festival had this year. 'Our' BCT Outdoor/TenCate Outdoor Fabrics tents endured the violent weather with ease. The tents are made with high-quality TenCate Outdoor Fabrics textile, 195 gr/m2 TouringTM canvas, 70% polyester / 30% PVA.
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