7 March 2017

The tent fabric of the Karsten tents from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics scores top marks!

Karsten Tents win two Awards in the UK
The tents from Karsten have won prizes again on the “Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards 2017” in the UK.
The tent was 1st place in two categories: 'Best Premium Tent' and 'Best Lifetime Tent'. The winning tents are made of 100% “Cotton” fabric from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.

The Award for the Best Premium Tent is an appreciation for quality and ease of use for tents in the upmarket sector. The second award, the Best Lifetime Award is an appreciation for excellence in performance and life service. The combination of these user ratings throughout the UK, as well as receiving the highest ratings ever, makes the Karsten Tent number one in its sector. 

Karsten Tents, a client of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, is a successful player in the camping and outdoor world. The company has become known in the camping industry as the inventor and manufacturer of high quality, fast and easy to set up camping tents with an inflatable frame. Together with the tent fabric from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, it creates a strong and sustainable combination!
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