17 January 2016

Choose colour!

Grapevines and country images, digital printing techniques make it possible to create different atmospheres on campings or even to create a glamping location, a atmosphere that fits to any target group. With the innovative digital printing techniques of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, it is possible to print almost every image one can think of. This without compromising on the high-quality tent fabrics that one is used to have from us.

Cloth sort
Digital printing is possible on two different kinds of material: the TenCate Residential® and the TenCate Touring®. Both materials are finished in a special way and have basic characteristics, which makes the material resistant against wind, UV radiation and rain. 

Tipi tents and outdoor furniture fabrics
During the Camping and Caravan Exhibition 2015 (Utrecht) one could see two different digital printed tents, one ESVO group tent and one Festipi festival tent. Outdoor Fabrics is at the moment working on a pilot for furniture fabrics for outside use. This was already introduced at the exhibition as visitors could get introduced to colourful beanbags and poufs shaped like giant of macaroons.

More Freedom
Digital printing on high-quality tent fabrics opens a world full of visual possibilities. Design on the fabrics can be approached with much more freedom. Therefore tent confection companies and tour operators can put much more creativity in their designs, or even target on the certain camping atmosphere with their target group.

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