15 January 2016

Homeless nicely warm with TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

No lack of attention for the Sheltersuit: a performance in a Dutch tv-show called “Tegenlicht”, a part of the exposition #11 Migration Matters in the museum of Boijmans van Beuningen and a presentation during the Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven. Bas Timmer and Alexander de Groot are determined to give homeless their dignity back and tell the story behind the Sheltersuit and their Foundation Hibernate.

‘The idea of the Sheltersuit was formed when an acquaintance of us was found on the street, frozen to death. That this could happen in a country like the Netherlands, this is irrealizable, stated Bas. ‘I wanted to contribute to better living conditions for homeless people. In this way the Sheltersuit was born. The suit consist out of a warm winter coat which has the possibility to attach a sleeping bag on it by zipper. The jackets are made from deprecated sleeping bags of Nomad, different kind of tents, from sleeping bags which were found at festival grounds and from materials from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.’ 

The Sheltersuits are produced in the atelier of Bas in Enschede. He is working partly with volunteers but also with refugees from Syria and Afghanistan which were working in their homeland as confectioner. The suits are distributed by different foundations like Humanitas and the Salvation Army. 

Rob Verver, director TenCate Outdoor Fabrics embraces the initiative deeply: ‘A warm jacket, not only literally but also metaphorically. That feeling we got when we heard about the initiative of the Foundation Hibernate. As market leader in Europe we produce a great amount of tent fabrics with a high quality. Stocklots of our cloth that has the protecting specifications, but for instance cannot be sold (due to a difference in colour), we donate towards the Foundation. It is surely great to help homeless people through the winter with each other, right?’

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