How it Works

How TenCate Geotube® Marine and Shoreline Technolog Works


Geotube® Marine and Shoreline Technology is a permeable system fabricated from an engineered textile specifically designed for containment and shoreline erosion protection. The Geotube® system has unique designed strength, filtration, and retention characteristics to withhold sand or similar materials to act as a permanent or non-permanent containment structure: 

Step 1:  Filling 
In the filling stage, the Geotube® container is filled with dredged sand or similar materials.  The Geotube® containers are constructed of a unique fabric, specially engineered for a marine structure.  

Step 2: Containment
In the containment stage, the durable and high retention fabric allows the dredged materials to fall out of suspension and form a dense monolithic structure.

Step 3: Structural
In the final stage, structural , the contained and densified material serves as a structural mass. When utilized with an accompanying Scour Apron, the Geotube® container may be utilized as a sand dune core or other shoreline re-nourishment or erosion prevention medium.

TenCate Geotube® - Material photo