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Straw and hay covers

Toptex - Straw and hay covers

The Toptex fabric is a high grade membrane to protect straw, sugar beet and potato harvests from frost and rain, thereby reducing the amount of clinging clay on beets or potatoes and efficiently leading to less cleaning water needed in the process. On top of this, dried harvests offer a higher yield for the farmer and better quality for the consumer. Toptex straw cover fabric effortlessly helps to ensure an optimum harvest quality at any given time of the year. Toptex fabrics protect straw bales reliably against any impact caused by wind and rain, while providing effective respiration for the harvested good. Thus leading to a constantly high quality of the seasonal straw, which is preserved effortlessly throughout the whole winter period, drying off after any heavy rainfall while effectively avoiding mold development on the harvest. Toptex straw cover fabric is produced from green, continuous polypropylene filament at 130g/ m2 and available in the following sizes: 9,8 x 12,5 m 9,8 x 25 m 12,5 x 25 m Straw and Hay covers Toptex fabrics protect straw, hay & cereals from varying weather conditions that could possibly affect the quality of the harvest. By protecting your valuable harvest, a secure Toptex coverage prevents a significant loss of volume of the harvested goods due to rain leaking into it and consequently decreasing the production outcome and thereby the farmers yield on the harvest. It also prevents the loss of quality that would otherwise not only affect profit but also considerably lower the products image and the costumers satisfaction. A secure coverage using Toptex ensures thereby the continuously high quality of the straw & hay bales and keeps costumers happy and returning in the consecutive years. Main benefits of Toptex straw & hay covers Toptex ensures the effective protection of any kind of straw or hay bales (round & square) on a prolonged period of time. The outstanding benefit of Toptex straw covers are their high water shedding ability which effectively maintains the straw bales properties at a high quality level when storing straw bales outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, Toptex straw covers are highly restistant to wind lifting. Toptex straw covers have also high values when it comes to proven tensile strength and tear resistance, (including but not limited to strong wind. This combined with quick drying properties even after heavy rainfalls make Toptex straw covers a highly valuable application for outdoor storage. The UV Stability of Toptex straw covers is guaranteed for at least 3 years life-span, but can be prolonged when stored indoors during the period of non-utilization. Setup Installation of the Toptex fabric should always be at least around 45° degrees and very tightly adjusted to avoid loose “wavy” appearance leading to minor protection or leakage. Toptex cover usage to protect cereals Toptex fabrics also safely protect Cereals from Contamination. This secure coverage prevents thereby the loss of volume and possibly even quality to to due to potential contamination resulting frombirds’ excrements, dust and other objects. Another possibly damaging impact that might affect the valuable crop harvest is water condensation. Water condensation accumulating within the harvest would inevitably lead to a significant quality decrease and a thereof resulting poor performance economically. Consequently, a secure coverage with Toptex protection ensures the continuously high quality of the cereals because it remains permeable to air and vapor, avoiding the heating up of the grain. Also, it is a ventilation-proof storage while also providing a certified food compatibility and comes handy with an easy set-up and handling of the fabric.


Sugar beet covers

Toptex - Sugar beet covers

The Toptex protection fabric safely protects the high value of a sugar beet harvest by keeping any negative influence of frost at bay. Toptex fabrics can be easily installed and placed either manually or via dedicated machinery on the sugar beet harvest during the external storage time on the fields. After a successful installation, the high quality of the Toptex fabrics safely protect sugar beets from the negative influence of frost and the thereof resulting perpetuation of quality. With a well-adjusted Toptex protection fabric, the resulting secure coverage prevents a loss in volume of the sugar beet harvest due to snow and frost potentially decreasing the production outcome if the beets would remain uncovered in harsh winter weather conditions. Furthermore, a secure coverage ensures the continuously high quality of the sugar beets by increasing also the sugar content of the beets. Toptex fabrics can be easily de-covered via machinery maintaining their product characteristics resulting in re-usability for at least 5 years or more. Main benefits The Toptex protection fabric for sugar beets can therefore be described as the ideal solution to protect the harvest from rain and frost. It continuously provides optimum aeration of the clamp while leveling out temperature differences that could otherwise affect the quality of the sugar beets. In short, a higher yield of the harvest is achieved by recuding the mass and sugar losses, leading to cleaner beets with less soil content to be cleaned off. Furthermore, the Toptex protection fabric for sugar beets has a proven high stability to wind impact and comes with ease of handling for the installation. The Toptex protection fabric for sugar beets cover protection is made from continuous polypropylene filament in white, 110g/ m2 and available in the following sizes: 4,9 x 50 m 12,4 x 35m With a 4,9m wide roll it is possible to cover 100 to 120 tons of sugar beet and with th e12,4 even 200 to 220 tons of harvested sugar beet.


Potato covers

Toptex - Potato covers

The Toptex protection fabric to safely cover potatoes is closely linked to a higher yield of the potato harvest due to reduced mass and starch losses. Its water shedding quality, which safely protects the potatoes from precipitation, characterizes the Toptex protection fabric for potato piles. At the same time, the potato pile is able to breathe, a respiration level needed so that the potatoes can even dry up below the pile without any damaging condensation. This temperature balancing criteria protects the potatoes not only from early frost, but also avoids excessive heating up within the pile that could also irreversibly damage the harvest. What makes Toptex protection fabric for potato piles so unique, is the easy way to handle it. The previously used, often annoying covering and de-covering with water and air tight plastics is no longer necessary, as Toptex provides this respiratory aspect. Main benefits The Toptex protection fabric offers optimum protection for potatoes, as it keeps rain, snow and frost at bay. The thereof resulting higher yields due to reduced mass and starch losses will improve also the harvest output economically. Furthermore, the reduced soil contamination will ease up the industrial processing. Toptex potato cover fabric safely protects from rain and snow, while effectively providing a frost protection without the usually annoying frequent covering/de-covering necessity. The reduced soil contamination with impressively low efforts, and a reduced mass and starch loss lead to impressively higher yields and a well-deserved result. The Toptex protection fabric for frost cover protection is made from white, continuous polypropylene filament in 85g/m2 and available in the following sizes: 9,8 x 12,5 m 9,8 x 25 m


Frost protection covers

Toptex - Frost protection covers

The Toptex winter protection fabric safely ensures the protection of plants against frost, desiccation and solar radiation. For the Toptex winter cover, there are several areas of application possible: Ground covering is possible for plants less sensitive to pressure, as it can be easily anchored to the ground; also playing fields and lawns can therefore be safely protected from frost and potential damage. Tunnel covering is another possible application to safely protect sensitive plants. Further areas of application include the effective protection for sensitive seeds, the continuous protection for tree nurseries where it can be regarded as a cultivation aid during the following summer after the replanting process. The wide temperature variations between day and night as well as the extreme sudden temperature drops during winter can safely be balanced out by the application of Toptex winter protection fabric. Main Benefits The Toptex winter protection fabric protects plants efficiently against cold winds, extreme temperature fluctuations and the excessive, thus harmful, UV radiation resulting from the sunlight. At the same time, the vital exchange of gases is guaranteed. The controlled micro-climate maintains the plants health and safety. The main benefits of the toptex winter protection fabric can therefore be listed as creating barrier against wind chill and UV radiation, thereby nullifying temperature extremes, allowing the exchange of gases, which leaves the plants to breath and thereby avoids plant disorder. Furthermore, the Toptex winter protection fabric provides necessary light absorbtion while also allowing water absorption: whether laid on the ground or in the tunnel method, precipitation is carried within the fabric. Toptex winter protection fabric is also highly tear resistant and withstands wind safely. It therefore also is not prone to tearing, like other fabrics (PE etc). Since Toptex winter cover is UV stabilized, it can be used for several years. The Toptex protection fabric for frost cover protection is made from white, continuous polypropylene filament in 85g/m2 and available in the following sizes: 2,2 x 130 m 2,8 x 130 m 3,2 x 130 m 4,9 x 130 m


Composting covers

Toptex - Composting covers

The controlled composting of organic waste with the Toptex protection fabric leaves odour emissions at bay and increases the quality output significantly. Composting is the conversion of organic wastes into high quality humus. Through systematic controls these materials can be returned to the earth, completing the cycles of nature and improving the soil to which it is applied. To achieve this goal, strict guidelines and controls must be followed. This includes the proper selection of the feedstocks, regular turning of the piles for aeration and proper guidance of the decomposition process. Therefore, several parameters such as temperature, oxygen levels, CO2 levels, pH value, sulfide, nitrite, nitrate and ammonium must be continuously monitored, and if necessary, adjusted. Due to its physical characteristics, the Toptex compost protection cover is an important tool in this optimal composting process. Toptex possesses over a decade of experience in agriculture related applications world-wide. Toptex compost protection covers have proven themselves in composting sites around the world, and belong to today’s state of the art regarding modern composting technology. Many windrow turners are now serially equipped with specific fleece rolling devices to meet their clients demand for a perfect integration of the Toptex fabric into the composting process. Experienced users even started to implement the Toptex protection fabric to cover their most valuable product: the mature compost. This is not only an economic solution, but also very easy to handle. The cover fabric allows the exchange of gases, protects against moisture,keeps the compost dry and in a crumble structure, just as it is supposed to be. It furthermore efficiently protects the mature compost against the growth of all kinds of weeds that might otherwise start to seed into the compost. But Toptex can not only be used to cover mature compost, but also for raw manure. Scientific studies show that nutrient losses can be reduced significantly with Toptex protection fabric at hand. Several Government guidelines and best management practices recommend the covering of stacked outdoors manure with Toptex composting fabric. Main benefits Since Toptex is a gas-permeable fleece fabric composted of continuous polypropylene filaments, it is environmentally compatible (certified). The fabric can be recycled and is chemically stable against acid and alkali (pH 2-13). Toptex is furthermore biologically stable against microbial decan and leachate, while also being freeze and thaw tolerate. Toptex composting fabric is also UV resitant due to its special stabilization and will normally have a lifespan of 3-5 years under European climate conditions, however, if it is protected from UV raditiation when not in use, the life span can be extended. The main benefits of Toptex fabric can be therefore characterized as maintaining optimal moisture conditions, since Toptex diverts rainfalls away from the composting and safely protects the resources from drying by sun or wind. Toptex furthermore ensures a proper aerobic decomposition. As the Toptex protection fabric allows the necessary gas exchange and thereby ensures an even more optimal temperature throughout the outher layers of the composting piles. Toptex also minimizes leachate and nutrient losses as it diverts the rainfalls simply away from the windrows and therefore decreases the potential of leachate. Another important aspect for implementing Toptex into the composting process is the reduction of odour emissions. As Toptex supports an optimum an-aerobe decomposition process, it thereby also reduces the odour emissions to a minimum. The Toptex protection fabric for composting cover protection is made from green, continuous polypropylene filament in 200g/ m2 and available in the following sizes: 4 x 50 m 5 x 50 m 6 x 50 m

Covering, Environmental

Wood chips covers

Toptex - Wood chips covers

A secure covering with Toptex protection fabric for wood chips enhanved the storing of wood chips at a dry and cost effective level. An optimum energy yield is achieved when safely improving the storing of the wood chips before taking advantage of their energy characteristics. In order to actually gain the optimum energy yielf from wood chips as an energy resource, ist moisture content must be limited to a minimum. In the absence of effective covering, like Toptex protection fabrics, this would alternatively have to be done by constructing a cost expensive roof structure. With a safe protection like Toptex, water shedding and respiration of the wood chips are no longer unreachable. Toptex drains off water along ist surface, while the wood chips remain perfectly dry* (*only extreme and unusal precipitation can temporarily result in partial moistening of the wood chips). Since Toptex is resirating, the wood chips just easily dry off and moist air that could be cummulated by the warming up of the wood chips themselves can easily penetrate through the fabric resulting in solid temperature below the pile. Main Benefits Toptex facilitates the cost efficient outdoors storage of wood chips, thereby the construction of expensive halls or roofs is no longer necessary and saves up the otherwise occuring costs thereof. Additionally, in case of windy weather, Toptex also protects neighbouring properties-the development of dust particles created from the wood chips is significantly reduced. Furthermore, Toptex can easily be cut into the required sizes. It is made of continuous polypropylene filaments that are not chemically harmful to the environment and tested. The fabric is consequently decay resistant and due to its enhanced UV stabilization of the polymer, thus resulting in a life expectancy of up to 5 years. It is therefore the combination of the following characteristics that make Toptex the perfect solution to cover wood chips: Toptex allows respiration of the pile Toptex effectively sheds rain water Toptex is proven to be wind resistant Toptex is visually attractive due to its green colour that blends in with the surrounding environment Toptex has a longevity of 5 years Toptex is the most economic while improving the product quality. The positive effect of an effective covering of a wood chips pile with Toptex was also proven by a test carried out by the Bavarian Forestry Institute in Germany. In short: Toptex is the economic solution for the outdoor storage of wood chips! The Toptex protection fabric for wood chips cover protection is made from green, continuous polypropylene filament in 200g/ m2 and available in the following sizes: 4 x 50 m 5 x 50 m 6 x 50 m


Growing & casing nets

Nicolon - Growing & casing nets

Optimum growing results, of course, depend in the first place on the knowledge and skills of the grower. However, TenCate wants to share the responsibility for optimum and maximum results. The requirements you set for a reliable growing net depend on the length of the bed. In the past few years, TenCate has proven it can develop at market pace. Every TenCate Nicolon growing net has been produced carefully with consideration of the enormous forces these nets have to handle. The combination of strength, limited narrowing effect and limited lengthening, assure that Nicolon growing nets will perform as planned for a long time. The open structure and monofil yarns make sure these nets can be cleaned properly, which improves hygiene and prevents contamination. In order to be able to provide this quality and service, we are constantly working on research and development. By using the latest technology, Nicolon is capable of limiting the stretch and shrink to the ultimate, minimum without causing the nets to become stiff and unmanageable. Casing and supplement nets Adding casing soil or supplement to the mushroom compost can be done using a net similar to a growing net. The difference in this case is that these nets are fabricated exactly to the width between the sideboards and that they are used as a conveyor belt. The nets are therefor always twice as long as the length of the shelve. A winch pulls a little wagon over the bed to the end and by the rolling effect of the net the casing soil or supplement is added as a layer to the compost. The filling machine manages the thickness of the layer.


Tunnel & glide nets

Nicolon - Tunnel & glide nets

TenCate Nicolon tunnel nets are indispensable when emptying compost tunnels. These high-quality textile nets allow you to do this quickly and efficiently, without leaving any compost in the tunnel. TenCate produces 3 types of tunnel nets developed on the basis of the compost manufacturers’ requirements. Type R176 is used for phase 1 compost. Types R875 and R186 are mainly used in the processes of Phase 2 and Phase 3 compost. Differences between these types are found mainly in tensile strength, aeration and pulling temperature. Good aeration saves considerable energy cost and proper cleaning after each batch is recommended. In addition, the R176 and R186 are also resistant to higher temperatures during pulling, saving time at every batch produced. It is necessary to cool the R875 to a tunnel temperature of about 25º C / 77º F before starting the pulling process. Glide nets are placed under the tunnel nets which not only lengthen the lifespan of the tunnel nets, but also cause a considerable reduction in resistance: the friction coefficient is reduced from 0.8 to 0.25, meaning more weight can be handled than when no glide nets are being used. At the moment, TenCate Nicolon has 2 types of glide nets in its portfolio, which are all used in various situations. The R762 is intended for the heavy work, and is very suitable in combination with R176 (phase 1) and R186 (phase 2/3) tunnel nets. The R448 glidenet is available for usage in phases 2 and 3 in combination with the R186 and R875 tunnel nets. TenCate produces the glide nets in the size you specify, with side cords and/or seams, if necessary. In order to have an optimum effect the nets must be checked regularly for any damage.


Manure storage liners

Nicolon - Manure storage liners

During certain periods of the year manure can not be spread out on the fields and at that moment sufficient storage capacity is required. TenCate supplies for this market TenCate Nicolon liners (reinforced membranes) and tarpaulins (floating covers) that are used for manure basins and manure silos. TenCate does not deliver manure storage systems, but leaves those to agreed installation companies. The TenCate Nicolon HSPO liner is made of a high strength polyolefin coating, reinforced by a polyester fabric. The TenCate Nicolon HSPO liner is a product to be used for many years to come. It is flexible , durable and strong. TenCate is a ISO 9001 certified company. The production of our products is done within these guidlines and the KIWA requirements for water and manure storage. The characteristics of the TenCate Nicolon HSPO membrane are: Made of Polyolefins with a polyester reinforcement Reinforced membrane with good bi-axial strength High UV-stability Durable Seals by hot air and welding iron High chemical resistance against chemicals; acid, manure, oil resistant following KIWA BRL 546 No aging, no crispy Hot air welding in the open field Weldable till temperatures of 5°C No softeners in the material Environmental friendly before, during and after production Besides manure storage liners, TenCate also offer different liners for water and other liquids storage in a thickness between 0.5 and 1.0 mm. Please contact us to learn more on that.


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