Weaving Technology

Heracles Almelo

The new synthetic turf pitch of premier league club Heracles Almelo in the Polman Stadium in Almelo was delivered by TenCate and its design partners GreenFields, Trocellen, Oranjewoud Realisatie and J&E Sports. The field is approved by FIFA in line with the FIFA Two Star standard for synthetic turf football pitches. The pitch is based on the patented 3D synthetic turf clumps technology from TenCate Grass and was installed in just a few weeks by Oranjewoud Realisatie, which was also responsible for the installation of the earlier synthetic turf pitches used by Heracles Almelo.

TenCate has been the main sponsor of the Almelo professional football organization since 2003. Through its sponsorship of Heracles Almelo, TenCate seeks to boost the acceptance and installation of synthetic turf systems in professional football. The Polman stadium functions as a showcase and field lab for TenCate, presenting the latest developments in synthetic turf. When it comes to the synthetic turf system of the future, consideration is being given to fibres that look even more natural and will even surpass the properties of natural grass. The system will be recyclable and thus exceptionally environment friendly.
The patented 3D synthetic turf clumps technology from TenCate ensures that the synthetic turf fibres remain even more firmly upright as clumps and maintain the natural appearance of the pitch. Players can get their feet under the ball more easily on this pitch. Ball speed and thus the speed of the game are significantly higher, resulting in optimal ball and playing performance.
Perception of the pitch

The new pitch that has been installed at Heracles Almelo can no longer be distinguished from natural grass, not only in terms of its playing characteristics, but also thanks to its appearance and the way it feels to the touch. This is not only of importance for how the pitch is perceived during matches, but also for the presentation of league matches on TV: both by daylight and by artificial light the pitch looks natural.
This innovative synthetic turf system comprises a combination of TenCate Evolution™ and TenCate Trimension™ synthetic turf fibres. The system bears the name GreenFields MX™ and will be marketed exclusively by GreenFields of Genemuiden (NL), which also delivered a similar synthetic turf system for PEC Zwolle.
TenCate Grass - Heracles Almelo - Harry Broeze Fotografie