2 September 2015

Synthetic turf for social projects

In a number of projects the TenCate Grass group operates not purely for commercial reasons but equally out of social commitment. Just an example is the FIFA Football for Hope programme in Africa. Sport − and then mainly in combination with synthetic turf – has turned out to be a vital instrument for social development programmes worldwide.  

GreenFields, subsidiary of TenCate, are part of the recently completed FIFA Football for Hope project: 20 centres for disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Africa. The idea for this programme was inspired by the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The aim was to install twenty synthetic turf fields in disadvantaged neighbourhoods of large towns in Africa. The thinking behind this: to create a safe football-based playing environment for children and youngsters and help to make a better future possible. grass field of dreams 2468
Football for Hope pitch 

Molagakwena ‘The synthetic turf pitches of 20 x 40 metres were delivered by container, including FIFA boarding,’ says Miranda Laseroms (sales manager GreenFields). ‘The installation took place with the help of local contractors. We’re happy to offer perspective and to make such a positive contribution to the future of who knows what sporting stars of tomorrow.’ A small centre with health facilities and space for activities form part of the complex.  grass field of dreams hendrik rwanda
Football for Hope pitch Kimisagara 

In a few cases the container has been placed upright to serve as a small office or changing room. Twenty of these sports facilities have been completed. The Football for Hope fields are located in Cape Town, Namibia, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya and Mozambique, among other places.

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