1 July 2014

Denmark and Spain are the winners of the World Championship Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6

Denmark (boys) and Spain (girls) are the winners of the World Championship Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6. Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 is the soccer championship for boys and girls between the ages of 10 to 12 which connects all Cruyff Courts worldwide. Teams from the Netherlands, Denmark, England, Spain, Israel, Malaysia and Brazil participated in this tournament. TenCate developed the durable TenCate XP Blade™ synthetic turf fibre specially for pitches that undergo intensive use like the Cruyff Courts – which are provided by the Johan Cruyff Foundation. 

The final between the girls was played between Spain and the Netherlands. The game was still a draw at the end of regular time. The Spanish girls won the game through a penalty shoot out . The boys final was between Denmark and the Netherlands. The Danish team was too strong and won the game with 5-1.  

More than 20.000 boys and girls participated in different preliminary rounds of Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 at their own Cruyff Court. The winners took on the best teams of the other Cruyff Courts. First regionally, then nationally and in the end they played in the World Finals. Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 is about making a connection between all Cruyff Courts around the world. The Cruyff Courts are similar in appearance and everyone plays by the same rules. The championship allows us to make a connection between young players who frequently visit the Cruyff Court in their neighborhood, their supervisors and the Johan Cruyff Foundation.   

During the weekend, besides the World Cup, the teams participated in several activities, such as workshops, a visit to the science museum Nemo and a canal boat tour in Amsterdam.

artificial turf heracles - TenCate Grass