• 2 September 2015


    Synthetic turf for social projects
    grass field of dreams 7

    In a number of projects the TenCate Grass group operates not purely for commercial reasons but equally out of social commitment. Just an example is the FIFA Football for Hope programme in Africa. Sport − and then mainly in combination with synthetic turf – has turned out to be a vital instrument for social development programmes worldwide.

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  • 1 July 2015


    SV Spakenburg and VV IJsselmeervogels kick-off the new season with GreenFields® MX
    Spakenburg IJsselmeervogels - Woven synthetic turf system

    Pre-season preparations are well under way. By mid-July, the clubs' pitches need to be ready to host SV Spakenburg and VV IJsselmeervogels' first Topklasse Zaterdag home fixtures. This season, both teams get to enjoy the benefits of a new GreenFields® MX pitch. GreenFields® MX is a woven synthetic turf system that is constructed with the synthetic turf components of TenCate Grass. The two renowned football clubs, stemming from a fishing village situated on what was the Ijsselmeer lake, have been competing for decades now at the very top of Dutch amateur football: both sides have won their division's title numerous times, with VV IJsselmeervogels winning the crown of overall (Topklasse Zaterdag & Zondag) champions seven times. SV Spakenburg has also won the title, twice over.

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  • 26 June 2015


    Four artificial pitches to be installed at new training complex AZ Alkmaar with TenCate Grass components
    TenCate Evolution® AZ Alkmaar Fibre

    This summer, the Dutch football club AZ Alkmaar will have 4 new pitches installed at their new training facility. These pitches are going to be constructed with the synthetic turf fibres and primary backing of TenCate Grass.
    In these new pitches, the latest shock pad, TenCate Sine® will be installed under the toplayer. This innovative layer, developed by TenCate strengthens the playing characteristics and is easier on joints and muscles. Also TenCate Sine® ensures a longer life of the overall system in that it is very durable, gives stability and reduces the wear and tear of the pitch.

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  • 19 June 2015


    TenCate supports’ initiative “Chak de India” to get kids more enthusiastic for hockey!
    TenCate Grass - Hockey synthetic turf fibres

    Dutch hockey international, Jaap Stockmann has taken the initiative with ‘Chak de India’ to see of if there are possibilities to get children in India interested in hockey. “During my adventures in India with the Dutch team in the Hockey India League, I learned a lot about India, its culture, its people and learned the differences between both countries. In many areas there are a lot of differences, but not when it comes to playing hockey. Sport connects. It forgets. It makes people, and especially children, happy.

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  • 15 June 2015


    Dutch minister Ploumen opened first Cruyff Court in Mumbai, India
    Cruyff Court Opening Mumbai, India

    On June 6th, Dutch minister for foreign trade and development, Lilianne Ploumen, opened the first Cruyff Court in Mumbai, India. This court was made possible by the Johan Cruyff Foundation, the municipal Amsterdam and the city of Mumbai.

    The Cruyff Court is a result of the economic collaboration between the Mayors of the City of Amsterdam and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The Cruyff Court in Mumbai fulfills the desire to give back the community, the corporate social responsibility aspect of this economic collaboration. And will give the children of Parel a safe place to play in the centre of the community.

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