22 September 2013

Synthetic turf in Dutch professional football

First division football grass

Synthetic turf is making steady progress in Dutch professional football. Next season and the following one yet more clubs will have a synthetic turf system from TenCate Grass.   

In the 2013–2014 football season once again more premier league and first division clubs will play on synthetic turf. Most of them have opted for a synthetic turf system from TenCate Grass and GreenFields. The installation of these systems is the result of the tender granted to TenCate Grass by the Coöperatie Eerste Divisie (CED) [Cooperation First Division]. This is initially for six pitches, including Helmond Sport and FC Dordrecht.

The CED made their decision on the basis of an assessment model, which considered such factors as pitch, price and conditions, and proposals for a partnership and joint venture marketing. Ton Raaphorst, director, TenCate Grass EMEA, was closely involved in the tender. ‘We offered the highest quality synthetic turf pitch, with as favourable conditions as possible. Other factors involved were experience at the top level of the installation of synthetic turf, how TenCate handles sustainability in its strategy and how this translates into advanced synthetic turf systems. In our offer are two pitches: GreenFields® Evolution™ XQ™ and GreenFields® MX. We have made it attractive for clubs to opt for the woven GreenFields® MX, which is the best pitch with the best possibilities for combining different fibres. It is also fully recyclable.’

artificial turf heracles - TenCate Grass