3 June 2014

Fun hockey clinic for future champions

Amidst excited cries of "We're going to have them for breakfast!", young hockey players recently got to switch places with their hockey idols, including the Australian team. On the first day of the Hockey World Cup, they took to the pitch to compete against the other participating countries. The matches were part of a side event organized by hockey club Hudito in Delft. Young members between four and nine years of age were invited to bring along a friend or classmate for a hockey clinic, followed by a series of matches.  The club hopes that the event will get children who do not currently play hockey enthusiastic about the sport. "It was amazing, we learnt all kinds of techniques, like slalom and minefields", said one young participant. But the thing that he enjoyed the most was revelling in victory over the opponents. Coach Thijs Geelhuizen was able to tell us more about the TenCate synthetic turf. "The new synthetic turf pitch is much faster, there's less friction and you need less power behind the ball".
artificial turf heracles - TenCate Grass