TenCate GeoDetect®

TenCate GeoDetect® Monitoring and warning solution

TenCate GeoDetect® is the first sensor enabled geotextile on the market to provide soil reinforcement, structural health monitoring and an early warning system into one package. Our “intelligent geotextile” is the first system designed specifically for geotechnical applications and offers a technical solution for monitoring geo-structures for changes in strain, temperature or the combination of the two. TenCate GeoDetect® is the only solution available on the market able to measure low strain in a soil structure.  The TenCate GeoDetect® System incorporates a geocomposite fabric, fiber optics, instrumentation equipment and software to provide a innovative solution for the multi-functional requirements of a geotechnical application, e.g. protection of the optical fiber, anchoring interface with the soil, in-plane drainage capability and reinforcement in addition to data acquisition. 
Material photo - TenCate TopTex™