TenCate GeoDetect®

The TenCate GeoDetect® solution is ideal for:

• Walls

Geosynthetics are more and more used to reinforce earth-walls, because they are cheaper and easier to install than other systems. 

When it is crucial to follow  deformation level of the earth structure (bridge abutment for example), monitoring gives an additional safety. It is also valuable to measure the displacements at the interface between rigid and soft structures. Structural Health monitoring is important when the earthwork is localized close to sensitive areas or when the site materials are of poor quality. 

Technical paper: Recommended Layout of Instrumentation to Monitor Potential Movement of MSE Walls, Berms and Slopes. Koerner R. M. and Koerner G. M. - GRI White Paper #19, 2011/04
Technical paper: Survey of a bridge abutment reinforced by geosynthetics, with optic sensors integrated in geotextile strips, Nancey et al, Yokohama, 2006


      Dakar, Senegal

• Embankments on piles

Embankments over piles are used more and more. Geotextiles for reinforcement improve the load repartition on the top of the piles. Structural health monitoring is important to assess the structure behaviour and its long term performance


 Northroute, Ireland

• Roads/Rails

Existing right-of-ways/easements and environmental concerns often force new rail and highway construction over geotechnically-challenging areas, including karst topography, abandoned mines, soft ground, and existing landslides.


  ASIRI project, Carrières-sous-Poissy, France

• Slopes

The increasing use of steeper and higher slopes in more adverse topography by property developers that want to maximize surface area for new building construction is creating an embedded liability for owners and engineers.


 Rodlauerbridge, Styria, Austria

• Levees

Levees have random and high hydraulic stresses. Early detection and warning during a flood event of any sign of erosion or instability increases the people security and prevents the failure of these works.


 Loire river, Authion, France

• Dams and dikes

Dams must be supported by competent foundations and are routinely stressed by permanent or cyclic hydraulic forces. Early detection of soil erosion and instability is a challenge for the safety of hydraulic works.


Ijkdijk project, The Netherlands

Technical Paper: Fiber optics monitoring solutions for canal dykes, Artières et al. 2010 - PIANC MMX Liverpool Congress UK, 2010

Technical Paper: Assessment of dams and dikes behaviour with a fibre optics based monitoring solution, Artières et. al, 2010, Zaragoza

Technical Paper: Geosynthetic systems for earth dams – 35 years of experience - Artières et. al, 2009, Graz

• Embankments on cavities

Embankments over soft soils, or cavities, or built with poor soils have challenging and specific designs. Early warning systems are essential to monitor the changes of these earthworks and to react when early suspects signs are detected deeply into the soil.

Technical paper: Set up of a warning system integrated inside a reinforced geotextile for the survey of railway, 2006, Briançon et al., Yokohama


 Arbois, France

• Canals, Basins and reservoirs

Water resource management et pollution control due to the storage of hazardous products require high performance mineral and geomembrane lining systems. Leakage and damage detection and localization systems are essential control, reception and management tools.

Technical Paper: Fiber optics monitoring solutions for canal dykes, 2010, Artières et al,  - PIANC MMX Liverpool Congress UK, 2010


 Aix-en-Provence, France

• Landfills

The TenCate GeoDetect® system has the potential to address several challenges specific to landfill applications: movement detection of top soil layer; landfill expansion for higher containment capacity with steeper slope reinforcement; assessment of the mechanical properties of waste materials, and monitoring temperature variations in a leak detection use. 

Video: Lining  systems strain assessment at Volgermeer polder

• Pipelines

Material photo - TenCate TopTex™