Reinforced embankments


Reinforcement over cavities

In order to minimise the potential of sudden settlements which would be a danger for the public traffic, preventive measures using high-strength TenCate geosynthetics are recommended. In the case of a sudden damage of the subsurface, the geosynthetic acts as a membrane keeping the road or railway structure intact until further repair measures can be undertaken.

In case of critical deformation restrictions or in applications  where survey is required, TenCate GeoDetect® can be installed in order to monitor the reinforced structure. TenCate GeoDetect® measures and follows the strain in soil and enables transmission of a warning signal as soon as its elongation reaches a preset limit.


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Products and systems

TenCate Geosynthetics delivers high end products and systems for reinforcement over cavities.

The following products are used in reinforcement:

The following products are used in monitoring: