Paving products

TenCate Polyfelt® PGM

TenCate Polyfelt® PGM paving fabrics are mechanically bonded, continuous-filament, polypropylene non-wovens with optimum bitumen retention capacity. TenCate Polyfelt® PGM is economically more effective than conventional road maintenance methods. Its use retards reflective cracking of repaired asphalt road surfaces by a combination of the functions stress relief, sealing, and uniform bonding between the layers.

The benefits of TenCate Polyfelt® PGM
  • Sealing:
    rain and oxygen cannot penetrate into the road structure.
  • Stress relief:
    PGM retards crack propagation from the old surface to the new overlay.
  • Adhesive bonding:
    PGM provides uniform bonding between old and new asphalt layers.
  • Temperature behaviour:
    PGM provides good performance even at low temperatures.
  • Recycling:
    PGM can be easily milled without any problem.
  • Installation:
    easily done by laying machine even in curves and on uneven surfaces.
  • Longevity:
    Maintenance intervals are extended considerably, even with low overlay.
Typical application areas: