Erosion Control

TenCate Geolon® Robulon are high strength geocomposite for erosion control purposes. The product is made of 100% highly durable and UV resistant PP, PE & PET with a 3 dimensional structure. The combination of reinforcement and soil retention makes Robulon the ideal mat for erosion control in a variety of applications such as protection of slopes, geomembranes, canal and river beddings, and shorelines. 

TenCate Geolon® Robulon is available in 3 versions:

  • TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE: ideal solution for green slopes 
  • TenCate Geolon® Robulon PP: solution that fits to basins, canals and riverbeds 
  • TenCate Geolon® Robulon PET: ideal solution in landfills 

The benefits of TenCate Geolon® Robulon:

  • Multiple functions in one product : reinforcement & erosion control 
  • stable structure : it ensures good fixation thanks to their base layer that cannot be separated  from the 3D loops 
  • wide with of 5 m: efficiency in coulors 
  • High strength that is suitable on long slopes 
  • Open structure : highly impermeable, no risk of silting, ability to establish strong rootzone

Typical applications areas: