Vertical wall, reinforced soil with geogrid, Sweden

When the postal office should increase their office in Barkarby, Stockholm, it was decided to use geogrids to create a solution which gave them a larger parking area on top of the wall. TenCate made a pre-design of the wall for the designer with given data, height of the wall, soil condition below the foundation, what type of soil to use in the wall and what forces that should be allowed on top of the wall. In the design it was pre-decided to use gabion baskets for facing. TenCate supplied the project with geogrid Miragrid GX 110/30 and Polyfelt TS geotextile and GEOTECHNIK-Bau supplied the gabions. The wall was erected by GEOTECHNIK-Bau. 

The wall is from 3,5 m to 11,2 m high and a total length of 200 m.


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