Lagoon covering, Skutskär outside Gävle, Sweden

Skutskärs Bruk AB dredged in the beginning of the 2000s a new fairway and built a new dock. For accomplishing the project they had to dredge away 600 000 m³ of sediment and moved to a sealed lagoon nearby. The sediment are contaminated with mercury and had to be contained in a proper manner. The dredge masses were when the dredging was complete to be covered with moraine. To get even settlements over the loose masses the cover was built up with a dual layer construction with geotextiles and geogrids. TenCate has supplied the non-woven geotextile Polyfelt TS as a separator and Miragrid GX. In total we installed 250 000 m²TS50N (NorGeoSpec class N3), 140 000 m²Miragrid GX 55/55 and 120 000 m² Miragrid GX 35/35.