Case studies

  • Serrestal®: cow lounges in the Netherlands

    December 2009
    Serrestal®: cow lounges in the Netherlands

    Some years ago Erik Lindeboom and Marco Noordman, two Dutch business managers and graduates of Wageningen Agricultural University, developed an innovation in housing systems for dairy cattle - the Serrestal®: Cow LoungeTM. An important part of this modular system is its covering − a fabric-reinforced, coated (on both sides), transparent foil from TenCate Industrial Fabrics.

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  • Wall for sand martins in the Netherlands

    December 2009
    Wall for sand martins in the Netherlands

    The sand martin breeds in colonies in steep banks by lakes, marshes, rivers and sandpits. Flying low over the water, it hunts insects. It generally uses walls that have formed naturally. In several cases, however, human hands have built a sand martin wall because the bird’s natural biotope is increasingly being threatened. For a short time now Woerden (NL) has also had such a wall – thanks in part to the use of TenCate Polyfelt® Rock PEC.

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  • Dewatering of contaminated sediments

    April 2009
    Dewatering of contaminated sediments

    The dewatering technology of TenCate Industrial Fabrics delivers solutions with unique filtration and retention properties. High performance filtration fabric consists of a high strength woven fabric. This technology can be utmost helpful for applications as marine remediation, mining and mineral processing, power and utility processing, pulp and paper industries, and industrial, agricultural or aquacultural businesses.

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Material photo - TenCate TopTex™